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    Medical Gas

    Sales And Services For Medical Gas Equipment

    Diversified Medical Alliance provides sales and services for medical gas

    equipment nationwide. DMA sells and services the top manufacturers

    of Medical Gas Systems for hospitals, surgery centers, and nursing

    homes. As a provider in this field, we can offer several types of services

    in connection with medical gas systems.

    Service Provider For

    Allied Health


    Beacon Medical


    Ohio Medical

    Puritan Bennett

    Certification Available

    Environmental Testing

    Laboratory Analysis

    New Construction

    Nitrogen Washout


    Yearly Retesting

    Computer-Based Technology

    Our associates use computer-based technology for testing everything

    from outlets to alarm systems. Our Air Exchange and Trace Gas reports are guided by NFPA Guidelines. DMA uses computer-based archiving for your records. Yearly retesting surveys are completed in both hard copy and electronic format. We look forward to working with your facility for maintaining your medical system’s reliability.

    Medical Gas

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