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    About Diversified Medical Alliance

    Medical Equipment

    Diversified Medical Alliance (DMA) provides the healthcare industry with both sales and service of quality medical equipment. DMA brings you the very best in medical equipment that is effective and reliable.

    Medical Equipment Repair And Maintenance

    We are specialized in medical equipment repair, maintenance, and management. Along with many years of working experience in hospitals, doctors, and dentist offices, we fully understand the health care settings and are committed to providing excellent customized services to meet your requirements.

    Ease Of Doing Business

    DMA can be your one call solution.  We offer your facility the ease of doing business by combining all of our services into one contract. We can combine Biomed electrical safety, Medical Gas equipment, Midmark and Ritter exam equipment, and in some areas-Sterilizers. DMA does functional testing, repairs, and preventive maintenance, all with one company and one telephone number to call.

     Maintaining Your Equipment

    In addition to testing and functional checks on equipment, DMA also supplies the many items that are needed to maintain your equipment: oxygen sensors, medical gas hoses, disposable tubing, hose fittings, flowmeters, suction regulators, as well as other items as need requires. Call us, we will be happy to assist your facility in any way.

     Warranty On Refurbished Equipment

    Are you in a dilemma, does your facility need more equipment, but the cost is too prohibitive. Our refurbished equipment carries a full 6-month warranty. Much of the refurbished equipment is not outdated, but merely previously owned. We can supply your facility with all types of monitoring, anesthesia, and patient exam equipment for everyday use, or as a backup for your primary equipment.

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